Green Algae

Published March 6th, 2020 by Advantage Pool Services, Inc.

Algae season is just around the corner. Here are some tips on what causes an algae bloom.

Our summer weather with the heat humidity and daily rains create all kind of opportunities for algae blooms to happen. Did you know that rain coming off the gulf is neutral and a rain coming from the east is an acidic rain? These create different challenges in keeping the pool water in balance. 

The lack of water flow is a prime candidate. There can be a corner in your pool where the water does not circulate well. The lack of water flow can be from pool design, a clogged filter or wrong size equipment.

Improper chemical balance, PH, is food for algae and high PH that is not addressed will cause algae blooms. There are many causes for high PH one of them is plant matter that falls into the pool and decays.

Pools take a lot of attention to keep them clean and to keep the water balanced so they can be enjoyed.

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