Pool Ph Adjustments

Man testing chemical levels of pool with PH strip

Balance the Chemicals in Your Pool

Set up a swimming pool ph level test in fort myers, fl and surrounding areas by calling advantage pool services

Advantage Pool Services, Inc. provides regular pool chemistry analysis and swimming pool pH level testing for our clients in Fort Myers, FL and the surrounding areas. We'll test the pool's chemistry at every visit, and we'll keep an ongoing log to track for patterns.

In our chemistry test, we'll look for:

  • Swimming Pool pH
  • Chlorine Levels
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness

We'll also measure stabilizers and conditioners. Call us today to schedule regular pool chemistry test services.


Advantage Pool Services will ensure that your swimming pool pH level is always where it needs to be. We all know it's important to maintain a safe pH level in your pool, but why?

Here are the top reasons you want to stay on top of your pool's pH:

  • A high pH can inactivate the chlorine, leaving your pool exposed to dangerous bacteria.
  • A low pH can cause skin and eye irritation.
  • An unbalanced pH can damage the lining of your pool and cause corrosion to the metal parts of your pool.

Reach out to us right away to learn more about the importance of regulating your swimming pool pH level in Fort Myers, FL and surrounding areas.


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